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I am a bilingual and qualified singing, acting and yoga coach who, with more than 35 years of professional experience onstage and in the studio, offers workshops, master classes and individual coaching that seamlessly blend the rhythm and improvisation of jazz with the serenity of yoga and the discipline and rigor of the Actor’s Studio. I also work with professional productions and creative teams in both the US and UK, thus possessing an authentic musical cultural background both in Broadway and West-End references.

In order to better respond to each individual, I use tested learning techniques in the biomechanical and psycho-pedagogic fields along with my yoga training and breathing techniques. I interlace these complimentary strategies to bring out your creativity in a context of modern music (Broadway, musical theatre, jazz, pop, rock and hip-hop), all of this in a supportive and protective environment.



Types of coaching

1. Vocal Technique and Breathing

(Singing, Acting, Public Speaking)

Breathing, resonance, phonation, tone, register, agility, endurance and stress management. I use a variety of techniques adapted to each student’s needs including imagery, imagination, breathing and physical exercises, vocal games, mimicry and creative language.

2. Song and Text Interpretation

By learning first and foremost to understand the song or text, the performer can then be free to tell the story by drawing on technical skills, exploring diverse styles to convey emotions through character and intention for an authentic interpretation.

3. Postural and Physical Awareness

I identify physical and emotional blockages produced by trauma, counterproductive experiences, destructive criticism, misunderstood or hindering techniques. I do this by addressing doubts, fears and negative energies in order to restore balance and awareness, liberating the mind and body. This enables students to explore their fullest capacities and develop a more personal awareness of their anatomy and alignment.

4. Audition and Role Preparation

Definition of context (which audition/production/conference)

Identification of target audience/client (which director/theatre/brand)

Study of text, character, intention.

Personal connections with the material.

Exploring different musical styles and choices.

Building an audition book for longterm purposes.

Constructive criticism and feedback.

5. Stage and studio technique

Familiarisation with different microphone and sound-check techniques.

Nuancing material technically and stylistically in preparation for recording/live performance.

Learning how to pace yourself to get the best possible recording/ live performance.

Learning how to prepare your body, mind and voice for different performance situations.

6.  Self-management

Establishing self-management objectives for optimum autonomy.

Customizing an assortment of tools suited to each individual for artistic emancipation in the mid to long term. Addressing issues such as time management, practicing, memory, rehearsals and stage-fright.

Building confidence and knowledge for students to experiment on their own ; to take risks, fail, and then take more risks in order to succeed in finding their own authentic style of self-expression.



Christine Flowers, is a beautiful singer , a sensitive artist and a remarkable woman. Her human qualities and her pedagogy/ academic approach are very popular with our students in the Division of Higher Artistic Education for the city of Paris-Boulogne -Billancourt. It's a real pleasure to work with her.

Patricia Alzetta: Choreographer –Performer, Co-Director of the Jazz Dance DNSP program Division of Higher Artistic Education for the city of Paris-Boulogne-Billancourt


Christine Flowers, Singing teacher and vocal coach of the highest quality . She is on a highly developped/very successful professional dynamic with an active research in different pedagogical methods, adjusted to the development of every artist she encounters...

Laurent Mercou: Director of L’Ecole Professionelle de Comédie Musicale in Paris / Voice teacher at Studio des Variétés and the Conservatiore de la Ville de Paris XVI.


Christine is a brilliant teacher. She helped me overcome fears of returning to singing after a long hiatus. Gifted with a beautiful voice herself, it is always a pleasure to hear her demonstrate during the lessons, and teach with such humor and encouragement. Christine is a believer in positive reinforcement, and her praise both humbles and motivates me. Much gratitude for her as a teacher. 

Grace Teshima: Art curator


I really enjoyed working with Christine Flowers. Her approach to singing through breathing exercises, related to the practice of yoga, were not only productive, but also soothing. Singing became a way to feel good through simple and effective techniques . Thanks to Christine for her open-mindedness and her devoted care/committed kindness. "

Sonke: singer-songwriter/ recording artist, chez Van Hetten Productions


An excellent and experienced teacher! Christine can teach different singing styles but above all she enables her students to find their ‘natural’ singing voices and develop them thanks to a great toolbox of technique. She draws on vocal exercises, breathing, yoga. She is a true professional who always animates lessons with enthusiasm and joy. 


Bibi Jacob: voice-over talent


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